Dellums Watch: Keeping Tabs on Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums

Because we care deeply about Oakland, we want Mayor Dellums to succeed. However, we strongly opposed his election because he never held a municipal position in Oakland and has lived in Washington for the last thirty-five years. We are wary of some of his supporters, and wish to keep a close eye on local political machinations. This blog will be focused on politics and people, not policy perscriptions (unlike FutureOakland).

September 26, 2006

Dellums in town?

According to Aimee Allison's campaign "blog," Mayor-elect Dellums is in town tomorrow for a Grand Lake Theater forum on Democratic efforts to take back Congress. The Mayors Brown will also be in attendance. I don't think I'll be able to go, but this sounds like it could be interesting. Does this mean that our mayor-elect is back in town, and may speak out on local issues? Does it mean that he's preparing to endorse Aimee Allison? Hopefully someone will go and report back.

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September 05, 2006

Aimee Allison's Real Positions

Aimee Allison's slick, union-funded campaign flyers are vague in the extreme. For District 2 residents confused on her stands, here is some information.

Aimee Allison is part of the old Dellums crony network. Her fundraiser this week is hosted by Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson and the city employees' union.

Aimee Allison thinks that Oakland, with about half the police per-capita of most mid-sized cities (let alone large cities), spends too much money on policing. The link is from an article she wrote in a magazine that speaks "for socialism." If she cuts millions of dollars from policing services, how are we supposed to have community policing? She emphasizes gun control, seemingly unaware that Oakland and Alameda County passed stringent gun control measures in the early 1990s, under leadership of then-Supervisor Don Perata.

Aimee Allison does not support a downtown main library (which is in District 2), because it shouldn't be "a priority."

Aimee Allison favors the lawsuit that seeks to stop Lake Merrit improvements (voter-approved Measure DD), because a few old trees will get lost in the process of expanding the lake.

Aimee Allison is an avowed socialist, happily accepting endorsements from several international socialist groups. Her government-directed vision of Oakland would result in the declining services and limited entrepreneurial opportunities we see in Berkeley.

Aimee Allison, as a good socialist, trusts bureaucracy over people's choices. She wants to close down nailshops on Grand Avenue, because they're "poor planning." No matter that they are patronized, of course - she knows better than District 2 consumers what shops should be on Grand.

Aimee Allison wants to seize Port revenues for the school district. Since all port "excess" revenue (the port's tiny profit is spent on debt service) goes toward expansion, this would mean reducing airport expansion and the current, and successful, effort to increase revenue growth through container terminal expansion. Her figure of adding $500 million to the city's biannual budget is ludicrously wrong.

Aimee Allison supports closing down charter schools for political, rather than education or financial, reasons.

Aimee Allison supports so-called "inclusionary" zoning, as the first item on her flyer. This is a fee levied on developers of high-density, transit-oriented housing, a fee that is not applied to developers of speculative mansions in the hills. In Oakland, the consumers of newly-built condos are first-time homebuyers who are mainly seeking to live close to Chinatown (a part of District 2). Ms. Allison is looking to impose huge fees on first-time, transit-oriented homeowners in Chinatown. Ironically, the fees do not go to provide low-income housing, but instead support vaguely-defined "affordable" housing, which may go to households earning as much as $100,000 a year.

Aimee Allison opposes the Oak-to-Ninth project, although I cannot find a single detail of her specific criticism of it. She has taken no position on the school board land sale. She seems to think that electing her will lead to the end of the war in Iraq. She thinks that Oakland having all-black political leadership is "so great," even though it's a multiracial city. This is one nutty chick. Unfortunately, between her non-Oakland-based Green Party support, and the deep pockets of Dellums' cronies (remember, Dellums not only violated the spending pledge but also far outspent De La Fuente), she will be able to put up a very tough fight against incumbent Kernighan. Hopefully District 2 voters will look past the hype and re-elect their effective, moderate councilwoman.

Aimee Allison's endorsements are here. Notable endorsements:

The Dellums Machine: Dan Seigel, Greg Hodge, Keith Carson, Geoffrey Peete

The city employees' union (and the statewide unions that control the Democratic Party, like the nurses and teachers' unions, that donate huge sums to Don Perata). So much for an independent third party!

The Berkeley City Council's anti-growth, anti-transit, anti-youth, anti-business "progressive" wing: Kriss Worthington, Dona Spring, and candidate Chris Cavanaugh

San Francisco socialists: Chris Daly, Matt Gonzalez, Ross Mirkarimi

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